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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cryptophobia Episode 1: Jeff the Killer: The internet legend, or a troll?

hey guys, creepypastamateur here or Sawgirl2 how ever you want to call me, call me Amu. Yesterday I said that I was going to do a reboot version of this, because, like I said: "I did it for shits and giggles"

but because I reached over 2000 views, which I am glad, I think you guys deserve more than that. So, I decided to sit my ass down and do research. As the title says, the first episode was about Jeff the Killer, since he is a known legend.. However, is he actually A INTERNET LEGEND or  A TROLL, we will see.

*looking at the paper I wrote* I got certain things from the article which can be found here:

Alright. You guys know who originally made the story. The story is made by a youtuber by the name of Sesseur. The story goes like this so far, in my words:

"In an attempt to wash the bath tub with the bucket of acid he was carrying on his arms, he slipped (on a bar of soap?), and spilled the acid onto his face. When a neighbor heard his cries for help, the neighbor did a good thing by calling the ambulance immediately. Since then, he changed."

That's it.. It doesn't say what happens afterwards.. Tho, this questions me. How in the place did a bar of soap get on the floor in the first place? Did Liu (who is actually alive), purposely left the bar of soap on the ground to prank his little brother (Yes, Liu is in fact the older brother), OR while washing his hands earlier, the soap fell to the ground, he shrugged it off and left it there so he can pick it up later.

Tho, the Spanish version, which was translated to English, talks about Jeff, as a 13 year old teenager, who moves in to a new neighborhood.. he got the feels.. Just kidding.. He developed the feeling in his gut, which was in-explainable, till a few days later at the party after his bro got into juvy for taking the blame on attacking the bullies.. then after he killed the 2 bullies, and the third one set Jeff on fire after he got bleach and alcohol all over him. main problem to this. "Keith", the kid who set Jeff on fire, could have got himself burnt as well, because bleach got onto him as well. Then a week later, his wound healed up, and to cut the story short, he killed his parents and his brother? Alright, now.. regarding the murder.. there could be a possibility that Liu survived.

My review: The characters are way too bland and under-polished, the story can't be really explained, as for the fact that a Spanish person wrote it.. Also, one more thing. A lot of people think that Jeff is 13, which is actual canon.. Tho, in the actual story by sesseur, he could have been around.. 19 or 20.. which means, today is 2014.. he could be about 26-27 years old. So, 13 year old Jeff canon is false by default.

How did I came to conclusion about his age? First, no parent or older sibling, would let anyone use cleaning supplies on their own. Second, certain teenagers aren't that strong to beat the shit out of the bullies (second story explanation), since it was never explained if Jeff went to karate lessons or not (major flaw in writing a story, because Jeff did went karate chop on their asses)

So, yea, like I said. Jeff the Killer's actual age varies between 26-27 (if you are counting this year)

Now, regarding the articles.. but first.. A little mention about "KillerJeff"

A lot of people debate the fact that Sesseur is the ACTUAL KillerJeff from Newgrounds. Want proof? No need. Look at the banner on sesseur's youtube channel, then look at the pictures posted on newgrounds. Yep. Sesseur is in fact KillerJeff. Probably.. Tho, he won't admit it, so don't bother asking him about it.
And guess what else. The original Jeff the Killer picture was posted on KillerJeff's journal in Newgrounds on, guess what. 14th of August, 2008.. Yes, it's a coincidence, because I was celebrating my 14th birthday at the time, and I never knew who Jeff the Killer was, nor about the creepypastas, till I turned 17. *laughs a bit* However, Jeff the Killer plot started in October of 2008, like the article said.. Tho, the timeline between October and August are 2 only months. Don't get me wrong, but it says that it resurfaced on October, when you can apparently see that the picture above had actually been posted 2 months earlier. Do the math please..

 So, the main focus of this review is the timeline.. Which doesn't make any sense.. So, let's debunk that, shall we? Good.

Alright, the article says 4 things, but the main focus will be the timeline.

Number 1: Viral marketing for Saw 5.

The first theory that doesn't make any sense at all.. They mentioned that the antagonist Jigsaw, who uses the Billy doll, resembles Jeff the Killer in every way..

Alright, tell me something. How can "Billy" look anything alike Jeff the Killer.. First, Billy is a DOLL!  A FUCKING DOLL! Did you get that in your head? Good.

They can't share any resemblance as Jeff the Killer doesn't have a visible nose (the explanation that the acid could have burnt his nose, refer to the original story by Sesseur thank you), his eyes are not the same as Billy's as the doll's eye sockets are bigger than Jeff's. Also, the doll's cheeks are "puffed up", while Jeff's cheeks are barely visible. Did that make any sense? No? Oh yea, the mouth. Jeff's mouth looks a bit cut up.. okaaaaay? Billy's mouth is well.. he's a doll what to explain there? He's not the one who can cut up his face because he's a god damn doll.. Jeez.. Note that the Saw 5 was released 10 days after the Jeff the Killer pic popped into NG. Yea, timeline is the major problem here, since they don't pay attention..

Number 2: Katie (Katy) Robinson's 4chan suicide.

Alright.. I admit... I saw the picture of the girl, and it's a lovely picture, I admit. But why would they bully her for being overweight? Hey, I confess. I am a bit "pudgy" myself, and I was being mocked for being fat and such, little did I know that I actually developed PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome) over the years.. long story..

The girl committed suicide because of being bullied on 4chan when.. well.. see this little insert

To the person who said that last comment. I hope your sorry excuse of a life burns in hell.. I am sorry, but seriously.. I am really pissed off at what he said.. if I got mocked for being fat, I would ignore them.. They can suck it. *middle finger*

But anyways, is Jeff the Killer actually Katie? Well, some of them did photobomb her picture..
Also, the timeline is also different.. it is said that the picture was posted on fall of 2008.. however, when looking at the timeline in the picture, which was day Katie killed herself, on the 20th of April 2008. This however was posted day after she died, the 21st of April 2008.

So, in between that timeline, someone created this:

Comparing Katy's picture and.. this, you can see the mole on the bottom left part where the lip is.However, the background is different.. it doesn't resemble anything like that of a pic that Katy took.. I'll get to the final conclusion later, as I am wasting 3 hours writing this shit.. *eyes*

Number 3: Jeff is not human.

... Yeaaaa.. I'm kind of... surprised too.. When I first read the article, I was really confused.. tho.. some oldfag (a person who had been on the site for a very long time), said this:

Looking at the picture once more, it does make a bit of sense.. The eyes do look like a cadaver, and also the mouth does resemble a broken wolf jaw. Unless Jeff suffers a rare facial condition where his eyes and mouth are off, then it would be understandable. *wags tail* Tho I wouldn't agree with that theory, as, like I said, it doesn't make any sense what so ever, as the teeth look a bit like horse teeth sadly...

Number 4 .... Do I have to? alright fine.. I'll do it

Number 4: Jeff is your favorite girlfriend.

Know Laina Walker, aka The Overly Attached Girlfriend? Well, someone pointed out that Laina looks like Jeff the Killer due to her smile and eye sight.. *stares at everyone* those who pointed out Laina is Jeff the Killer's "girlfriend", note the fact that 1. it ain't canon, 2. shipping fictional characters with irl characters shows how much you want to ruin their reputation. I am sorry Tim Sutton for the whole Zalgo x Masky rapey rape plot, but they are literally asking for it. :( and 3.

Try and compare Jeff with Laina.. Any resemblance? Nope? Good. Now deal with it..

Also, to point out from the first episode about the "signature"


By my thoughts, the signature is in fact by Sesseur. Also, the pics were taken from the same angel, tho just flipped.



Conclusion: By the evidence that I had gathered, and by the theories that I had saw, they had so many flaws to it sadly, mainly regarding the timeline.. I am glad I did this reboot because people needed a full truth about timeline difference, as it basically doesn't make any sense. All I can say is that the Jeff the killer, is indeed, a troll. No matter how much you say it's an internet legend, realize this:

The stories, both original and the Spanish version, don't make any sense, the timeline is false by default, the actual age isn't 13 years old, Jeff is in fact a human being, he isn't a girl, and also, Jeff the Killer doesn't have a lover. There would be a chance for the person to die instantly. That goes for you fangirls.

A troll creepypasta that had been created by a troll. That is all I can say, so.. No matter how much you say it, like I said. Learn the timeline correctly before bashing me for it. I am only rationalizing my opinion, as people treat Jeff the wrong way, and because of that he is over-rated..

Little reminder: Jeff isn't a bishie, he isn't a cutie-pie, your sweetheart, he is in fact a troll, and at the same time an internet legend. 2 people did make this.. Sesseur, who made the story, and is the owner of KillerJeff, and also, an anonymous who photo-bombed Katie Robinson.

I think I said as much as I could.. This is it..

Thanks for reading~

The pictures are from the article itself, except the last 3, which were somewhere from the internet.


  1. Amu, one thing in this is possibly invalid, you said parents will not allow their children to use cleaning supplies if they are thirteen or younger; I, and many people at my school, started cleaning with chemicals at about the age of nine or ten. That goes for lots of households as well, so it could have been possible that Jeff, internet troll or not, was around the age thirteen when this happened...

    1. it's varied for certain countries. I mean, I wasn't allowed to use chemical supplies until I turned..16.. not to mention that there are those curious people out there who want to know how chemicals taste like.

      let's say that the idea got me inspired by my teacher from high school, we had a discussion, basing off a real life event about a kid drinking chemical fluid which was used for cleaning bathrooms. do you know what that shit did to the poor kid? that fluid was so dangerous that it completely destroyed him on the inside.. and the kid was.. 8-9 years old before he died.

      my point on that was, that there are teens who abuse the chemicals, or don't know how to properly use them, which could be a serious problem, cuz the new gen children are becoming weirder by the day, and when I mean by that, lazy parenting gets kids killed to an extent.

  2. By the way, about Jeff the Killer I also have things to say. I have talked to several people, the witnesses, and some provided me with a few photos, one of them got her cheek cut. I recommend you to read these blogs, in case if you haven't encountered them yet:
    It's just a part of my investigation, if you're interested, I can share the witness reports with you.

  3. searching for some active blogs and people d: xD still nothing